About Me

Hey there! I’m Ellis. When I’m not building websites, I spend my time walking trails and visiting parks with my dog Cooper, playing tabletop games with friends, and enjoying storytelling in all its forms.

Games & Hobbies

There’s no quicker way to my heart than games – whether they be boardgames, tabletop RPGs, or casual sports (rock climbing and volleyball are among my favorites) I’ll have a good time doing them, especially with friends. I’m a big fan of Dungeons & Dragons, both as a player and when running the game, so I’m often brainstorming ideas for new campaigns and characters. I’m also a big crossword nerd, and seldom miss a day without doing the NYT puzzle. It’d be a dream of mine to one day have one published there!


Art & Storytelling

I’m a lover of art in its many forms, whether that be meandering through a museum, catching a local concert, or settling into a good movie at the theater. I’m always eager to see the world through another perspective and to hear the story that someone else has to tell. My hoarding tendencies are most present when it comes to my ever-growing collection of books and vinyl records (okay yes, and boardgames too). And, purely as a hobbyist, I enjoying trying my hand at these things as well; from writing to art to instruments, I spend a lot of my free time dabbling. More recently, I’ve been quite into 3D printing, and I print & paint miniatures for D&D games and other projects. Anything that involves a story being told or an idea being explored is a good time in my book.

My Dog

Any bio wouldn’t be complete without a glamour shot of my dog, so here he is! Cooper is mix of about a dozen different breeds, has boundless energy, and is a total sweetheart.